The Edge Cumbria

Where bold adventures and enthralling stories are just the beginning.


The vision for The Edge; a place for locals and the many visitors we welcome to the region, to enjoy the scenery, coastline and hospitality, to make memories and make plans to return again and again. It will be the local community which will make The Edge the best it can be, for ourselves and for everyone who visit.

A place for all people

in the heart of the community

We’re the bold architectural point from which adventures into West Cumbria can begin.  With contemporary sculptural lines that highlight and hold the dividing line between the land and the sea.

  • Full of go. Full of energy. Full of yes.

    From here, people of all ages can explore the Great Outdoors with ease.  Come and experience the open sea with its vast expanses of wind-whipped water or the many paths and trails that venture into the wild West Cumbrian coastline.

  • Stray from the Edge by peddle power.

    Make the Edge your base, as you make the most of the cycle opportunities available in our region. Follow the coastline. Cycle Coast-to-Coast. Enjoy old railway line paths.

  • From the Edge to the sea.

    We will take adventurers beyond the boundaries of land or locked lakes, either powered by paddles or under sail; decisions we leave with you.

  • For the Mind and Body.

    Prioritise your whole being, on land but still connected to the sea.

  • Art on the Edge.

    We are a welcoming and encouraging place to realise ambitions - both big and small.

  • Sandy beach by the Edge.

    Spend a day on the beach and by the coast. Enjoy the water activities available, as a family or on your own.

  • Music, Theatre and Culture on the Edge

    A great venue for local and travelling musicians to perform. Put on a Show, a Talk or enlighten us with a spot of Culture.

  • Floodgates installed

    Floodgates installed

    October 2020

    Following the installation of the floodgates the new slipway is now completed and operational. The pedestrian gates will reamin open except during storm conditions, with the main gates by arrangement only. This means the viewing platform, slipway and beach is fully accessible to the public.

  • Phase Two of New Slipway Complete

    Phase Two of New Slipway Complete

    September 2020

    Phase Two of the new slipway is now completed with the installation of a new pedestrian access from the viewing platform to the beach area.

    The steel steps were designed, fabricated and installed by local company Shane Taylor Welding Ltd of Maryport.

    This means the viewing platform and slipway is now open for use by pedestrians (and their pets).

    The final phase will see the installation of new floodgates in October 2020.

  • Phase One of New Slipway Complete

    Phase One of New Slipway Complete

    August 2020

    Phase One of the new slipway is now completed with the main slipway and viewing platform installed ahead of schedule. Safety barriers to the viewing platform and slipway have recently been installed. The new viewing platform and slipway will be available for use following installation of the new floodgates.

    Phase Two is scheduled to be completed early October 2020 and will see the installation of floodgates and additional pedestrian access to the beach area, following which the slipway and viewing platform will be available for use.

  • New Slipway for the Edge

    New Slipway for the Edge

    July 2020

    Visitors to Whitehaven would have noticed intense construction activity at Golden Sands Beach. The new slipway for the The Edge is emerging from the sands with construction ahead of schedule for completion early October 2020.